Oh, summer is so great, isn’t it?

Here are some reminders for you about your summer lessons:


We can really get things accomplished with some pre-summer schedule planning.  For example;  if a daily and weekly schedule is thought out in advance we can avoid the “It’s already been a whole week?” question some students may find themselves wondering just before their lesson each week.

A great schedule is to make sure that breakfast and practicing are thought of as a connected thought.  If you have a household like mine, you may notice that trying to find time later in the day to get out the instruments just doesn’t seem to happen in the summer.  Things really get busy… and fun.  It’s easy to wear yourselves down to the point where dinner and bedtime are happening only 10 minutes apart!

1.  Practice before all other activities happen for you daily.

2. Make practicing a priority to the point where if friends or cousins call you immediately check to see if you have already practiced.  If you have, by all means, go ahead and have a blast at the pool.

3. Find time to perform at a get-together.  Whether you are just background at a reception or part of a full-blown talent show at the family reunion.  Try.  It will do your skills wonders.


Have a great summer!

***Don’t forget to schedule your lessons carefully as well.  Go to your Google Docs and you’ll find the summer teaching schedule for 2012.



1. Make sure you have signed up for your summer lessons early.

2. If you need to make a change because of vacation, etc. make sure you do it at least 24 hours before your lesson or I won’t know you are coming or.. aren’t coming.

3.  A missed lesson in the summer (if your name is on the schedule and you just don’t show up) is simply a missed lesson.  You are charged for it.  So, please be careful.  Also, be respectful of me and don’t ask for make-up lessons for these circumstances.  I will say no and you might not like it.

4. As during the school year, pay on time.  It’s nice and easy when you do.  I have instilled the late fee for 2012: $5 per week late.

5. 2012 Summer lessons are the same price as the monthly school session lessons.


Love you all!




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