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100 Days Begins!!!

If you haven’t been part of my flute studio before this year, you’re in for a real treat. The 100 Day Contest is HERE!!!

This contest is offered yearly beginning on January 1 – April 9.  I’ve changed the words recorded by Andy Williams’s famous “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” to “The Most Learning-est Time of the Year.”  I have been running this contest for 14 years now and students never cease to amaze me.  ALL students of mine (this means you and your flute-learning children) are required to participate.

Prizes (oh yes!): The Winner-Dinner at the BlueBird Restaurant on April 14, 2012 is only for the winning participants who complete 100 consecutive days of practice. Also, you are entitled to arrange for an “At-Home” prize as well. My children love to spend the whole 100 days dreaming of what they might ask for. I’ve seen many-a-teenager pull off this 100 days without even a prize mention only to be rewarded handsomely as well. Every household gives a different “weight” to this contest, so please don’t advertise your reward to the whole studio.

*Begin on January 1, 2012
*Practice your instrument fully and daily for the next 100 consecutive days.
*Last Day is April 9, 2012 – TXT, Email, or Call to let me know you’ve WON.
*You may skip the days you have been hospitalized.
*Listening to your performance pieces and fingering your songs are permitted when vomit (eww) has been a regular part of your day.

The success of your young child is in your hands here. Pleeeaase help them. This is also an awesome exercise in honing your “music parent” skills. Do your best, please. These kids want to be successful, and I know you want them to be as well.

*In the rare case that you miss a day, please contact me (Rebecca) and let me know that you are beginning your 100 days over. I am sorry that you will not be eligible for the Winner-Dinner, but the at-home prize is still up for grabs for you.

**BTW: I usually have 11-14 winners from my studio. Let one of them be YOU this year. Yeah!!!

Good Luck!  Please add your comments/questions below. -Rebecca

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Ensemble Recital Video

This is the video from our November 2011 Recital. Enjoy! (4:18)

You all did so great!

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Check out the new Calendar. Woo hoo!

Hey everyone,

I’ve uploaded a nice calendar on this site. It is very accessible on the side bar (also in top menu) on this site.  Hope it helps you out with your busy schedules!

Click on the black ALL and you will be able to view all events I have added to the calendar.

Simply hover over a colored date and a pop-up will let you know what the event is.  Click on the colored bar on a date and a drop down information page will show you all of the details I have entered about that particular date.  Fancy!

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