Miss Piggy and Announcements

Announcements for January 16, 2012:


1.  Saturday, Feb. 25th is confirmed for the Graduation Concert at the SL Library Auditorium at either 10:00am or 11:00am.  Accompaniment will be provided by the SAU.  There is no charge to students for this concert, but they do have to “audition” to get in.  I will talk to you about that at your lessons.

* Video recording of student and accompaniment must be turned in the first week of February.  You must be at least to Handel Bourree in book 1 to participate.  You must have passed a level since last year’s recital (if you were participated last year).


2.  Master Class in February is on Tuesday the 21st.  


3.  There are NO regular lessons the whole week of February 20th.  But, I will still see many of you (twice).


Here’s a funny I think you and your kiddies will enjoy.  I grew up watching Sesame Street and Miss Piggy was always an interesting character.  Add her to the great Jean-Paul Rampal and we have a really fun video!


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