January 2013 !! Wow!

As you are all aware, I have a really crazy cool January going on with the Holiday at the beginning and then a “last vacation” for my boys in the middle and then Braden’s flight date being changed to a tuesday.
So…. we are only going to have lessons 2 of the weeks this month.  Tuition will be half.
Plan on coming to flute lessons at your REGULARLY scheduled lesson times next week AND the last week of January.
January 7-9 YES lessons
January 28-30 YES lessons
NO lessons from January 13 – 27th 2013.
We do have regular lessons in February including a Master Class with Cindy Henderson on February 23rd at WSU in Ogden.
Sign-ups will be posted and the cost is: $20 each student regardless of age or level.
Those of you who have had Master Class with Cindy Henderson know what a great opportunity it is.
You’ll be required to perform a memorized, polished solo for her as well as your tone studies.
I tried to get you all on a group text list so I could text you this type of info as well, but alas those with un-smart phones had problems receiving.  So, we will stick to email for now.
See you at you lesson.  :)

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