Back to School Falooting

Back to school Falooting!!

It’s that time again (can you believe it?).. let’s get on a schedule.


Upcoming events include a “Mock Competition” in October and a beautiful recital in November.


I love seeing your shining faces (and your new school clothes).  Let’s have you parents remember that the flutists will be needing more water the day of their lesson.  Being stuck in a hot classroom all day dehydrates the body and starves the brain of what is needed for quick thinking… to play flute well we need both a hydrated body and a quick thinking mind.waterbottle


If your flutist comes to lessons directly from school, let’s try to have a quick snack, a bathroom break, and a drink first on the way if possible.  That’ll help them be prepared for the intense thinking session of their lesson.  It also helps me teach well because the student will be more attentive and able to focus.


Your schedule was sent to you on the email.  See you at your lesson!




  1. Brandy Johnson /

    Didn’t see Mock Comp date on Calendar. When is it?

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