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I (Rebecca Fuller) have been instructing aspiring flutists for 22 years.
My inspiration for teaching comes from experiences I had while tutoring a young autistic boy while in High School. When I found the Suzuki Method (in 1990), I was able to combine my natural abilities with a method that nurtures children positively and amazingly effectly.


My love of music grew as I participated with and learned from great instrumentalists in college, in the professional music world, and beyond.
I have had the pleasure of teaching many great flutists who have gone on to share their talents with the world.


I am also the founder/owner of “FluteKids.com” (music theory company for young flutists), ‘MusiciansWithApps” (App review site for iOS devices).  I have recorded/produced 7 albums, and perform regularly on Irish Whistle and Flute (listen here). Between my music studio and tumbling gym (FlippinFridaze)-retired, I personally instruct over 100 students each week.  I also work with many, many other students online at: http://LearnFluteOnline.com


I live on a little farm with fish ponds and horses and have the best husband and children any one could ever ask for.



Rebecca’s Bio: A music teacher and performer, Rebecca has a passion for creating vibrant and beautiful arrangements in many different styles.  Classically trained with Irish/Scandanavian roots, Rebecca has a natural ability for all genres. She is heavily involved in the different aspects of music including performance coaching, promotion, public relations, festival organization, and recording production.  Her own recordings have been used for several documentaries and she has used her coaching skills to enhance lives of musicians around the globe as well as in her own home.

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