4-15-13 Happy Tax Day!!

Hi everyone,

I really do have a problem remembering to tell you everything at your lesson (especially for those of you who don’t have a parent with you).
Here are some things on my mind:
1. Did you or your child complete the 100 days or 8 weeks til spring contest?  If so, you need to tell me quick!  I’m scheduling the lunch/dinner.  Congrats to those who made it!!!
2. Have you been the facebook FullerFlutes group yet?  We’re there, having fun without you.  Pictures, and flute conversations amongst us.  Come see!
3. Did you pay your recital fee for last month’s recital??  If not, please please remember to ask me about it at your lesson.  I need to get that settled up asap.
4. Have you been to the Google Doc for Summer 2013 Schedule??  I invited you all with the emails you specified.  You must go there and get at least your info on there.  In about 1 more week the whole summer schedule will be up and it’ll be first-come-first-serve.   If you aren’t a regular google user, and can’t remember how to visit the page just go to: http://docs.google.com  You’ll have to login to your google account (if you’re not already) and then you can see the document.  *If you are completely lost here, ask me and I’ll send you a little tutorial.
5. Congrats to those of you who are working on giving your own Home Concerts right now.  Proud of you!!
6.  Congrats to those who took the “Church Tour” with me this month.  We performed quite a bit and had a great time feeling the love and the spirit at the same time.  :)
7.  If you didn’t see already (on Facebook group), the Celebration Concert held at the LDS conference center in SLC has been postponed to 2015.  Oh well.
8.  *Look ahead.  I’m considering getting us on for a Summer concert series.  (advanced students)
9.  If you lose this and other announcement emails- remember, we have a website.  http://FullerFlutes.com  it’s all there.
What did I forget?

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